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Everything You Need to Know About Video Marketing to Promote Your Business
Startups are initiators of new business ideas, creativity and innovation. When you start a new venture, firstly you need a convincing idea and resources to implement that idea. It is also important to convince people about the idea which you think is sure success. How? Who are those people you need to convince? They may be potential investors, stakeholders, financial lenders, public, investors, partners or clients. Mere recitation of objectives may not appeal to people.
A neatly organized presentation would do the job in many cases. However have you considered creating an explainer video about your business? The advantages of it are undeniable in making others get a feel of your idea/business plan. Let’s look at some facts that support the idea of video marketing and explain why startups should resort to it.
  • Online videos are very popular and have millions of viewers every day
  • Videos attract more viewers than written content
  • The influence power is high with videos
  • They are easier to understand with motions, images etc
  • Help to create a strong online presence quickly

  • Video Marketing – A Startup’s Secret Strategy to Quick Success
    Creating a video is a part of nurturing the idea of the startup. Today we are living in an era of digital marketing, and it catches wide attention. During the early stages of marketing a startup, making a video is an excellent idea for promotion. It can be an effective source of brand marketing and relationship building. It is imperative to understand that a great business idea does not win alone. The presentation of that idea matters the most and helps to convert into action. So what do startups need? It is the creativity to present that idea with the help of video marketing. It starts from creating a video, promoting it for customer engagement, feedback and relationship building. Creating a video is not rocket science. Brilliant ideas and methods are available to create a wonderful video and attract people. For that, you need to partner with a good Video Production firm who can translate your idea into digital-reality and help spread the word quickly.
    Different Kinds of Videos to Promote Startups and other Businesses–
  • 2D Animation Videos

  • 2D animation is one of the most traditional methods of animation where character movement is basically created in two dimensions. Here, images are manipulated and can move left, right, up and down. Basically, they are made on a flat background generally with the use of line art. However the objects can only move along X-axis or Y-axis. In contrast to 3D animation, they do not move away or towards the viewers. It requires specialized artistic experience, creativity and technological skills to create amazing 2D animated content. It basically focuses on creating interesting characters, backgrounds, and storyboards in any two-dimensional artistic environment to narrate a story or inform the audience. 2D animation has all gone digital and is created effectively with software such as Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Flash, Encore etc.
  • 2.5 D Animation Videos

  • 2.5D animation basically means to move 2D objects in a 3D environment. It is a clever way of making two-dimensional objects appear as three-dimensional. When shadows are added to 2D objects or a 2D ball is turned fluidly, it generally appears as 2.5D animation; here a three-dimensional environment is being created around a two-dimensional object. Professionals add excellent motion elements with shadows to showcase an ingenious way of giving a three-dimensional feel to the animated video. It generally enhances the videos and motion elements that ask for more investment of time and money. Developers use Adobe After Effects to create wonderful motion elements of 2D objects in 3D environments.For a start up video, 2.5D animations can add value to the subject and create a powerful impact on the audience. 2.5D animations always have a fresh look because of their rarity in the market, as in very few production companies generate 2.5D animated content.
    These animations always create confusion about depth in the mind of the viewer which adds interactivity due to its odd and different nature. 2.5D Animations are created in 3D software like Maya, 3ds Max and Cinema4d and then rendered in Toon style to achieve the final result. For someone trying to launch a media campaign, creating an Advertisement with 2.5D animation can always add an edge of uniqueness to your product/company. The only thing to be aware is that 2.5D animations can only be executed by an artist with a good amount of experience in the field of animation; thus the costs are more than 2D animation or Typography in general. - See more at:
  • 3D Animation Videos

  • 3D animation is the most recent and widely used kind of animation currently in the marketing world. 3D animation is animating objects in 3D space just like in the real world thus achieving the interactivity that other means cannot. 3D animation is widely used and opted for every other pipeline because of its fidelity and its non-destructive workflow. Big companies often and mostly always opt for 3D animation because if done properly it can turn out to be the most reliable form of marketing for any product in the world. This type animation is best for Titling in Studio ventures and even brand name based marketing. Product mock-ups are the specialty of 3D animation and it helps to view the dimensions of the product to the viewer/consumers in real-world perspective. The best example for 3D animations utilized for marketing is food products. The only type of animation that is capable of making anything look tasty and attractive as well as being beautiful and animated at the same time is 3D animation. The software typically used for 3D animation are Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema4d, Blender and Softimage XSI. For new startups, 3D animation can cost you a little more but if the budget permits, it could surely be the best way to move forward live action.
  • Live Action Videos

  • Live Action Advertising or Live Action VFX is the way to go when you think your product or company needs real life characters to have a dialogue with the audience or when a real action scene is best to describe your interaction. This type is the most used type of video worldwide for marketing due its simplicity. The only downside for this type of advertisement is that the Live Action VFX needs a full-fledged studio for proper production. Thus the cost will bump higher because the amount of people involved will be more and thus the client should be extremely sure about his product of what he is trying achieve. Live Action shots generally take a lot of time as well because there are a lot of things to consider such as pre-planning and story boarding. Script and dialogue will have to be spot on to invoke the right of emotion; and the VFX has to seem real in order to make it believable, which generally cause the main problems and thus create time delay.
    These animations always create confusion about depth in the mind of the viewer which adds interactivity due to its odd and different nature. 2.5D Animations are created in 3D software like Maya, 3ds Max and Cinema4d and then rendered in Toon style to achieve the final result. For someone trying to launch a media campaign, creating an Advertisement with 2.5D animation can always add an edge of uniqueness to your product/company. The only thing to be aware is that 2.5D animations can only be executed by an artist with a good amount of experience in the field of animation; thus the costs are more than 2D animation or Typography in general. - See more at: - See more at:
  • Whiteboard Videos

  • Whiteboard Marketing is a kind of video marketing medium which is generally used for something that has a message in it. The Whiteboard artists generally portray their idea in stop motion. Stop motion is a technique of doing animation by capturing each and every frame. Whiteboard animation is always welcomed in the presentation environment. Whiteboard animations always have a professional touch in them and are often used by companies with an initiative towards the society. These types of animations are not costly to make– generally two or three or maybe even a single experienced artist can do it in a very less time frame. Online freelancers are generally contacted for such kinds of animation as there is an individual skill involved in mastering such a technique. A whiteboard video is generally done shooting live action frames with or without the actor’s hand in it, but there are software that can replicate the form. The software generally used to do such stop motion sketchy look typos are Flash and After Effects. The process of whiteboard marketing is highly recommended to a company that has an initiative or maybe wants the viewer to understand something about what’s going on in a particular topic.
  • Kinetic Typography Videos

  • The process of kinetic typography is used to show animations with text in a beautifully fluid manner. Typography can be used on a wide variety of advertisements. The basic idea of typography is to sync the Text with the Voice over behind it to result in an exceptional looking Motion Graphics result. Typography is a traditional art form since the Chinese revolution to trick the viewer in the seductive form of alphabets. This type of art is generally used when we have to make something absolutely clear in someone’s mind. The factor of originality has died in the past because of the overuse of the technique but it is used because of its simplicity. There are many websites offering thousands of templates on typography which makes it very easy for startups to choose whatever they like and complete their advertising needs by themselves having little or no knowledge of the software. Typography is generally done by software like After Effects. These animations don’t take too much time to be made and can be easily done by a single artist; thus it is inexpensive for start ups.
  • Animated Screencast Videos

  • Basically, Screen cast is a process of digital video recording capturing the actions displayed on the monitor. It is a process of capturing the actions taking place on the monitor. Animated Screen cast generally has voice over narrations that explain the actions being performed. It is one of the easiest methods used to explain game tutorials, software tutorials, product demonstrations, website features, or how to use operating systems. To perform an Animated Screen cast, the techniques involve video capturing software and specially a microphone. The software can be a desktop application or also a web-based service that would capture and synchronize the actions with the audio file to develop a video. It will be developed in a format which is compatible and can be shared. The process can be done by freelancers who have basic knowledge of graphics and animation. It is an economical option of producing videos for marketing which can be performed even by amateurs.
  • Infographics Videos

  • Presentation of information in a graphical format can be termed as Infographic or Graphic Information. The objective behind it is to present data which can be easily understood by people. It is one of the oldest forms of data representation used, especially in public environment such as traffic signals, weather forecasts, music scores etc. It is a very economical option when you large amounts of data to represent and you want to communicate the message quickly to the audience. It simplifies the data by creating patterns and relationships such as bar graphs, bar charts, Gantt charts, Pie charts etc. An added voice over enhances the quality of the video and makes it understandable. Basic knowledge of technology and computers is enough for making an Infographic video presentation. It can be easily performed by freelancers or developers in a small span of time. Business Intelligence Software or Adobe After Effects are suitable for such video presentations.
  • Music-only presentation Videos

  • Experts claim that the easiest way to arouse interest is to invoke the maximum senses of the viewer. In case of Infographic or typography video, an element of music would appeal the viewers. Voiceover and music has the potential to enhance the visuals. A pleasant and soothing music that goes with the message influences the listeners emotionally and creates a positive impact. On the internet platform, you can use many copyright-free music audios as well as use several websites that offer such customized music. You can either hire freelancers or developers for adding music to your video presentations. Software such as After Effects always has an option to add music or narration.
  • Testimonial Videos

  • Experts claim that the easiest way to arouse interest is to invoke the maximum senses of the viewer. In case of Infographic or typography video, an element of music Video Testimonial is a highly effective method to boost sales and gain popularity. Video testimonials from customers create a powerful impact on the minds of the viewers. Firstly, the videos are real and involve sharing of experiences. For this, you need to hire a video production team or it can be shot with the help of good HD Video camera. For a fast turnaround, video testimonials always have an edge over other kinds of videos. A little bit expensive but renders a long lasting impression. It can effectively influence the clients as they get deeper insights about the nature of your business.
  • Experiential Videos

  • Experiential videos are popularly known as Positioning Videos specially to develop a brand image in the mind of customers. It deals with making connections and sharing emotions to maintain a customer relationship. To make an experiential video is painstaking and you need experts for this. You must hire an expert marketing professional and video developers who can create animations and messages that touch the hearts of the viewers. It needs adequate funds as it involves creativity, knowledge and intellect. The video should convey an emotional message. The videos should be aggressive to tap into the minds of the consumers. The video can be shot live or animated, hence needs software such as Photoshop, Maya, Cinema 3D, Adobe After Effects.
  • Stop Motion Videos

  • Stop Motion is a cinematic process that makes static objects appear to move. The objects are manipulated basically as done in puppet animation or clay animation. The process involves breaking the motion of the figures into increments and film into one frame with the help of the software. Stop Motion is one of the simplest and fun animation techniques to make videos. It is definitely an economical option that creatively explains your startup idea. The job can be done by an animator who uses software for doing stop motion such as iMovie for Mac, Quick Pro, After Effects, Cinema 3D.
  • Slide Show Presentations

  • Making presentations with Microsoft Power Point is the simplest and cheapest method to explain your startup idea. You can create animations, charts, images and different shapes all within the presentation to enhance the visual effect. Power Points are very user-friendly and require basic knowledge of computers. The presentation can be further enhanced with music and effective voiceover that sells your idea. To make it better, the presentation can be converted into a video with the help of software. The conversion software is also available online or you can use After Effects or iMovie for Mac.
  • iPhone or iPad Videos

  • When it involves demonstration of technology, you can make a video of a widget or app working inside an iphone or ipad. It is a great idea to engage customers and create an interactive video. The method is very effective as it attracts and engages your audience. With the help of animation software such as After Effects, Maya or Cinema 3D, you can animate the video that works on an iPhone or iPad. It requires great animation skills and hence the developers need to have the skills to make such kind of a video. It is very effective especially when you explain how to use a particular technology or app.
    What will you choose?
    Any of the above video type has its own set of pros and cons. What startups and businesses must decide first is the kind of message that they intend to deliver with their video, and then choose an apt video type to create and promote. Regardless of which kind of video they choose to get done, creating and promoting an explainer video is like a shot of adrenaline to an organization, especially a new one, and helps them gain a foothold in their industry and create brand awareness.
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