Animation services are one of the most important services for any arts and entertainment medium. If you are looking for the best animation services, you need to work with such a firm that understands your needs and focuses on accuracy VFX India is just that. We are one of the best animation Clean-up Studio in Bangalore because we make use of the best tools for creating a product that you can be really proud to use it on your video, website or other presentation material of your company.

We are prepared to offer you the highest quality and finished designs that meet your necessities. Our experienced professionals can take up a basic model and apply the texture to bring your characters into life. We sit down and listen to your ideas for the best final results. When we are using motion capture for promotional videos, corporate videos and animation, we understand that a lot of clean-up is necessary for making the product a finished one. At our Clean-up Company in Bangalore our expert team with take on the animation videos and motion graphics, pixel by pixel and then offer you with a final product that we believe will definitely excite you.

If you are looking for chroma keying, we have also got it for you. This is just the perfect post production technique for those who are looking for merging two animations together. There are a lot of steps involved in both 2D and 3D animation motion capture clean-up and VFX India is prepared to do anything we can to offer our clients with incredible results. We have the best Clean-up artists in India who can even work on games and website designing and any other instances that include animation. Check our portfolio and give us a call anytime you want!