Pre-visualization (Previz)

Owing to the complex nature of demanding Animation projects, previsualization is a really important aspect of animation.

What is Previsualization?

Previz, as it’s commonly called in the industry, is a broad collaborative process with which we can generate preliminary sequences or shots in a virtual environment making use of 3D animation tools. Its importance lies in enabling filmmakers to explore creative ideas visually, and also to communicate the shared vision that can aid in effective production

At our Previsualization Company Bangalore, the combined experience of our team as animators, VFX artists, producers and writers enable us for consulting every aspect of the previsualization process. We make use of the different advanced technologies and tools for project management and data transfer to provide seamless animation services for our clients.

Impactful and Detailed Previsualization Services from VFX India, a brainchild of Visual Connections India

VFX India Previsualization Company India has extensive experience in the highest level of film and advertising world. Our experienced professionals combine our talent and experience with the best tools available for both live action and animation previz services.


We completely understand the full spectrum of what it is needed for creating the best motion picture entertainment. Along with the in-house production, we also offer visualization services for feature film animations and corporate animation video production. Our skilled professionals have the complete knowledge of the ins and outs of the lens and camera, how the lighting will affect the story telling and also the actual differences between shooting a digital video and live-action film and how we can best employ previsualization to best aid us.

Finally we have both the vendor and vendee in animation previsualization, which is why we understand our role in the production process. As a part of the previsualization team, we are going to play a major role in the developmental process at each stage. For instance, if you are looking for a Spydercam shot through the Arri Alexa camera that is flying along the green screen rigged process tailored within the Ultra Prime 24 mm lens, then you can rest assured that you are going to get that exact service from us. We offer exact visual interpretation that is demanded by our clients. Feel free to call us for any more queries.