Visual Effects

Creating Industrial Light and Magic through Visual Effects

At VFX India, “Visual Development” is our central goal to advance the story, workmanship, and innovation of the moving picture; and through this development, we opt for widening the audiences for the visual medium. Organized efforts, unmatchable skills, honesty in work, and enthusiasm are the key standards at VFX India, which is a part of Visual Connections India.

Our Visual Effects India projects are evolved in research organizations, where each thought has quality and potential. Smart thoughts are fleshed out, and an arrangement for accomplishing the visual representation of the idea is set ahead for schedule. Amid creation we stay responsible to our promise. We believe that partnerships that stay in place, continues with trustworthiness. Above all, we absolutely love what we do!

VFX India is an organization of Visual Effects Bangalore specialists and makers who understand the story, procedure, and connections. They are experts in their fields of 3D, Compositing, and production management. Their reputations, thus, pull in extra ability and empower a solid hard working attitude that ensures your project becomes successful.

We have assembled an advanced framework, which is adaptable and solid to support the staff. It is a “fluid” pipeline, composed by our group for faster executions of all projects. It is alterable in view of undertaking needs.


What we do can appear to be perplexing and foreign, sometimes even impossible. It is our aim to instruct and urge others to grasp this change and together create something new. We make stupendous visual effects in any space, on any screen. We are known for including visual miracles and creative ability to advertising, film and other diverse mediums. Our expansive scope of Visual Effects Company Bangalore expertise provide a huge number of innovative services, including

  • Idea outline;
  • Pre-viz, shoot supervision;
  • 2D compositing;
  • 3D/CG impacts;
  • Animation;
  • Motion design;
  • Programming;
  • Computerized and experiential generation;
  • Colour reviewing for promoting and any blend of these services.

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